Make a giant magazine rosette-star

It's not hard to make a giant rosette star. There are many folds that need to be folded, so it takes time. The individual tasks are easy.

You will need:

  • About 12 pieces of paper in A4 format. Either drawing paper or pages from old lmagazines that are cut to A4. You can also make them in the size the magazin has, but then you might need a little more than described here. But just try and find you way of doing it. It's OK to adjust later if there were too many or too few folds in the circle.
  • A piece of steel wire. About 20 cm.
  • Sharp scissors.
  • A pointed pickle or large needle that can poke holes.
  • A good paper glue .
  • Plyers to cut steel wire.
  • Ink or liquid watercolor paint, if you want to decorate, as here in the description.
  • Two small round cut outs of cardboard - possibly gold foil. We have covered cardboard from packaging with gold gift paper.
  • A ribbon for hanging. About 80 cm.                                                                                                                                                                                 The first thing you need to do is to fold every sheet lengthwise and then up to each side so you have a W or an M (depending on how you turn it).

Glue all sheets together for a long series of folds. Start with an M and glue a paper on there lying like a W -and change regularly between M and W - that is, MWMWMWMWMWMWMMW so that when you gather it as a circle then it is M that meets W :-) Then your folds will be super beautiful. It was the first mistake we made - beeing a bit inattentive when gluing so it either became two folds that stuck together - or a flat flap. Then we know - stay focused!

We also made too many folds! If you look at our star that it's closer in the folds at the bottom than in the top part. We even cut out 8 folds again. Less is more with rosettes! We go after34 tips/17 folds next time :-)

Once you have made all the folds and glued them together, you then cut the pattern. Lay it out on at big table. Cut each fold into a pointy tip and make some some V shaped cuts into different places. Take, for example 3 folds at a time and then use the rear fold to lay on top of the next two as a template. Slowly work your way through the many folds. It's pretty easy and it doesn't matter that it gets a little rustic, It looks fine in the end. 


You also need to poke a hole in the paper at the bottom (in the middle) to pull the steel wire through when you assemble the star at the end with a wire circle.


You also need to poke a hole in  in the middle of the fold in the botton in order to be able  pull the steel wire through when you assemble the star (at the end with a wire ring

At this point we spotted a jar of royal blue ink on the counter and thought it would look so nice. We just made random splashes with a paint brush. Remember that the paper should be completely dry before you work with it again. When it is damp it rips really easily in the folds (we found out)

Now make two cardboard circles. We've drawn around a tub of baking soda from the kitchen cupboard. It is not so important exactly how big it will be. We covered the circles with gold paper/gift paper. Make a hole in the center of each cicle. Pull a piece of steel wire through the center of the rosette. and finish with a circle and a steel wire "doodle" on each side.

Pullthe ribbon through the steel wire circle - the one that run through all folds. And star is done. (Ink, gift paper and ribbons are all purchased from Stelling at Nordhavn.)

And voila! first star attempt is finished!

Our next Star will be in magazine sheets with slightly stiffer paper quality. Maybe also in several layers and with pearl finish. Like these hanging in the window of Carl Nielsen Smørrebrødssted in Nyhavn.



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