Copenhagen Comics is the finest inspiration you can give your creative child!

All you want to do when you leave is go home and draw…so inspiring! You should definitely come this year! And bring your tween, teen - even small kids will love it. 

If you've never heard of this magical Copenhagen event don't worry - it's kind of a well hidden germ. And it only happens every 2nd year so don't miss out!

Copenhagen Comics is nerdy in the best possible way. Very talented Danish artists, international artists and comic lover come to celebrate the best comics of the year, the great current artist and old classics, the fun of reading comics and the joy of drawing/storytelling. They also hand celebrate the best homemade cosplay costume. 

I'll just give you 6 good reasons not to miss out on Copenhagen Comics!

Reason #1 Get your tweens and teens inspiration from the best artist

The first time I went was with my son who’s a big Adventure Time fan. We went to see Natasha Allegri talk (one of the great artists working on Adventure Time). I thought I was going for his sake, expecting to be a bit bored. But guess what! It turned out to be this great inspiring experience.

(Natasha Allergri is known for Adventure Time, Bee and PuppyCat and more)

First of all, to see my son’s excitement of meeting someone that was part of the Adventure Time team was great for me and important for him. And then to see him get super inspired by meeting other teens who like comics and to talk to the artists was fun too. It isn't easy to feed him inspiration because he has kinda grown out of my "knowledge-range". So, I felt so good giving him this opportunity and letting the best artists give him that inspiration. I totally get why he's so passionate about comics and cartoons.

This year's program is packed too - most excited about seeing David Angelo Roman from Rick and Morty and Gary Barker who does Garfield - and of cause always cool to see all the Danish favorites. I think my 9 year old daughter will be excited to meet Pernille Ørum this year. The line up is so varied - from manga, My Little Pony and superheros to completely new styles and graphic novels. You can see all the artists guesting on the website.

Reason #2 See some of the most amazing Cosplayers in Denmark

You should see the work they do on those cosplay costumes! Hundreds of hours spent on making creative costumes. The place is radiating with creative confidence! We met the beautiful Princess Sugar Plum one year - she was standing in line for the Natasha Allergri, Adventure Time book signing. She came all the way from Jutland to be part of the cosplay event. On sunday afternoon all the cosplayers proudly line up and the best costume wins an award. This is one of my favorites at Copenhagen Comics. I have loads of respect for the creativity of these people.

(Fiona, Adventure Time)

(Judy & Nick, Zootropolis)

Get inspired just in time for fastelavn! This year there is a Fortnite dance off so we kinda hope to see some Fortnite cosplayers ?!.

Reason #3 Seize an unique opportunity to see whats going on in the world of comics just by walking around the site.

You don't have to be a comic connoisseur to get the general picture of whats is going on in the comic world. What you do is that you walk around and see all the great work on display - and talk to the artists. The list of cartoonists and illustrators I like grows every time - so I have a few old favourite like Les Frustrés, La vie des bêtes, Gary Larson/The Far Side, Calvin and Hobbs, Garfield etc.. And now there is so many more current artists I like - fx the artists from colorfull Peow Studio.

I also became an instant fan of the kind and talented John Kenn Mortensen and Rune Ryberg. I don't know if it takes kindness to be a comic artist but kindness was everywhere in their booth.

I also discovered the work Kamilla Wichmann and Otto Dickmeiss just to mention a few. And I met Stine Stregen and Maren Uthaug who I follow on Instagram. I'm so looking forward to see what they are bringing this year! You can meet all these fine artists and many more again this year! See them all here.  I absolutely love to discover these unexpected treasures - and the unique opportunity to see what was going on on “the Danish Comic scene”.

Reason #4 Get a rare chance to find out how to become a cartoon or comic artist face to face with students.

If you want to explore the idea of becoming an artist you get an unique chance to talk to students from The Animation Workshop - the school of character animation and graphic storytelling. They have traveled all the way from Viborg to Copenhagen just to talk about their bachelor programs. It is so inspiring to meet young creative minds doing exactly what they dream of - and also interesting to learn more about how to become a character animator. So cool just to feel their passion for comics and cartoons and see things they have worked on. 

Reason # 5 Get working - It's a fun hands on event


There are always so many activities going on: Drawing tables for kids, live drawing competitions on stage (Danish drawing championship for kids, drawing show for artists), there is a gaming area, a Donald Duck reading area, a comic library lounge, a drawing machine, drawing lessons, book signing, cosplay parade, dance off's etc.

ItchBox Studio is going to host four superpower T-shirt design workshops during the weekend. We are so looking forward to doing speed-courses in t-shirt design. We will be surrounded by great super-hero inspiration. We have packed the van with pop-art colors, comic inspiration and we'll help everyone to find their creative superpowers. Just come and do it your way! 

This year you can also make plants. Tegnefestivalen, the rainbow unicorn of drawing events, is having a plant workshop where you create paper plants for a big installation. I love the idea of co-creation. This is from last time where a lot of people drew animals sitting in a giant tree:

You also get to see the artist do battle rounds - so much fun. This is Moren Uthaug and StineStregen.

Reason #6 The postcard shopping is unreal 

The shopping is unreal! You'll find stuff for yourself and stuff to please all your friends on their birthdays for the next 2 year (then you can shop again). They'll love you for it!I I always find so many great things and leave with great comics made by upcoming artists, really beautiful prints, t-shirts, posters etc. One year I bought this cool t-shirt with a heavy metal budie named Flemming made by John Kenn Mortensen - still my favorite!

Most important I find a whole stack of quirky postcards from a lot of different artists to give to my friends. "you alway find the best cards" - and that is true because the artwork you find at Copenhagen Comics is so fine. 


This quirky postcard is by Nadine Redlich

All you want to do when you leave is go home and draw - og maybe make a cosplay costume…so inspiring – you should definitely come this year! And bring your children - I promise they'll be inspired too.  

If you think this sounds a bit boring - bring your kids and enjoy sitting in a quiet corner with you coffee and your book - but still come over an say hello to us. We'll be right here:



NB: In case you were wondering - Øksnehalles is about 6 minute’s walk from Hovedbanegården (just behind DGI byen off Dybbølsbro)




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