The ItchBox Studio

Welcome to ItchBox Studio.

We design creative design-play workshops with tweens and teens and for tweens and teens.  

We are passionate about giving creative superpower to young creative minds - seeing them build a strong creative confidence - at home. Creativity to us is so much more than a school subject – it’s a personal outlet and it’s a way of thinking that is important in all parts of life.  

Everyone has a great creative potential, and we think it is important to give big children and young people a chance to keep discovering their own creative powers and to take their desire to be their own designers seriously. Let's give them professional design tool, great materials and loads of inspiration. 

ItchBox Studio’s workshops are a fun, inspiring and encouraging playground where young people can turn to and find projects that matters to them and little by little strengthen their creative muscles.  

It’s all about hands on learning by doing. The more projects you make the better you get at going from the first vague idea to a solid prototype – designed from scratch. It is very simple – practice makes better! 

The people behind ItchBox Studio:

Camilla Bjerre, originally a graphic designer, but also a self taught product designer (STRUPS interior) and a prototyping ninja for other designers.

Camilla grew up always making stuff, sewing her own clothes, making stuff out of wood and drawing and cutting things in paper - always experimenting with materials and tools - and she never stopped. She is always working on something(s).

Originally she wanted to be a goldsmith but by chance she got an apprenticeship in a advertising agency when she dropped out of highschool. Later she studied at the School of Graphic Design in Copenhagen.

All the way through her training and education Camilla has chosen the practical take on design accumulating a giant knowledge about techniques and materials. She is a highly skilled "hand-maker". We still haven't found anything handmade she can't make.

She has a great passion for figuring out how things work and experimenting with production and machines. Camilla is also very happy to share that passion, teaching others how to rapid prototype in the local FabLab.    

Gry Salling Larsen, has background in intercultural communication and organisational development. She has worked with developing educational programs and learning environments for years (for young people studying engineering, construction architecture, social work, teaching, preschool teaching etc.).

She has always loved to work with kids and young people and is into stuff like project oriented and problem based learning, how to work with motivation and progession in creative skills and how to parent a creative culture in families.  

She grew up in a learning culture DIY family, with an art &craft teacher mum and a biology teacher dad who wanted to make everything from scratch - trying out ancient ways of doing things and moderns way of being environmental friendly. 

As a big child she wanted to be an architect or a fashion designer but couldn't really see how and chose intercultural business studies instead.


3 things both Camilla and Gry love (apart from creative projects):

3) Museums (great ones - not the bad boring ones)

1) Sneakers and sandals.

2) Each others bad jokes.