The ItchBox Studio

Welcome to ItchBox Studio.

We design creative design-play workshops with tweens and teens and for tweens and teens.  

We are passionate about giving creative superpower to young creative minds - seeing them build a strong creative confidence - at home. Creativity to us is so much more than a school subject – it’s a personal outlet and it’s a way of thinking that is important in all parts of life.  

Everyone has a great creative potential, and we think it is important to give big children and young people a chance to keep discovering their own creative powers and to take their desire to be their own designers seriously. Let's give them professional design tool, great materials and loads of inspiration. 

ItchBox Studio’s workshops are a fun, inspiring and encouraging playground where young people can turn to and find projects that matters to them and little by little strengthen their creative muscles.  

It’s all about hands on learning by doing. The more projects you make the better you get at going from the first vague idea to a solid prototype – designed from scratch. It is very simple – practice makes better!