Styrk dine kreative muskler

Hele idéen er at du skal få mere lyst til at arbejde kreativt hvad enten du er 10 eller 17. 

1) You find the project that becomes something you/your child really want to own and that you/they can combine with an interest thats already there - whether its gaming, fashion, music, a pet etc.

2) You enjoy unboxing at home - setting up your own cosy workspace. Our project is designed to be "not too easy and not too difficult" - and with a good amount of freestyling, so it is possible to experience the great joy of overcoming difficulties and the joy of making unique design from scratch. 

In every box you will learn to develop ideas, train you visual thinking skill and work with techniques professional designer do too. 

If you get stuck - use our facebook messenger to ask any question you like. It only makes us wiser to answer your questions.

3) Use your design and be proud. Our projects are made from materials that are of a high quality so the finished product looks professional and leave you/them extra proud. 

4) Share your work. Boost the proud moment by sharing the design with important people. Friends that are important to you or people who can give good qualified feedback. We are always excited to see what you made and we are happy to give feedback on the stuff you make - encouragement is key!