Customize your T-shirt. A design-workshop-in-a-box

by ItchBox Studio

260,00 kr

Do your want to design your own cool t-shirt motif?

Look no further!

This t-shirt design box contains:

  • Our best design advice for a t-shirt.
  • Idea sketch sheets that will challenge your creative mind and lift you ideas to a new level..
  • A customized geometric template that will make it easier for you to create images and your own font (if you want to work with text).
  • The best high-quality textile foil in 8 inspiring colors (the foil is soft, it stays on in the wash and it is also oeko tex certified.  

The t-shirt is not included because you can put your design on any t-shirt, shirt, totebag, fabric bag, banner or pillow case you have as long as it is made of 80-100% cotton (and have been washed once without fabric softener). So you can might want to re-cycle and redesign something you already have. Being eco friendly and looking good in your own unique design it double cool!

There are enough materials for you to make several motives - or you can invite a friend to join the design-fun.


All the thing we put in the box for you: 

8 sheets of textile foil. We have found the best eco-tex certified textile foil in clear colors: yellow, red, pink, dark blue, light blue, green, light gray and black.

The quality is very high which means it is soft when fixed, easy to cut and it fixes super well on the fabric (when the instructions are followed closely you can wash your clothes inside out at 40 degrees C).  It is also OEKO TEX certified (want to know what OEKO-TEX means?

Our own design booklet in English with design inspiration and 6 simple professional tips that can lift your creativity to the next level.

Learning by doing: Think like a graphic designer. 

• An ItchBox Studio customized geometric figure template that makes it easier to work text and to make simple design look sharp. 

T-shirt sketch sheet for practicing creative thinking. Brainstorm with your pen and get all the good ideas out of your head and work with detail. Boost those creative muscles.  

A really good black textile pen. We have tested textile pens and in our opinion this is the best one. It must be fixed with iron. Instructions included. 

Heat resistant paper to protect your iron when fixing textile foil and textile pen on the t-shirt. 

Project storage box that makes easy to acces your work in progress and makes a nice storage for your left over materials till next time you have a great idea. 

The lid is designed to function as a work-tray if you want to sit on your bed and work. The box fits well in Ikeas Billy bookshelf. We want it to be easy to store materials, be inspired and realize your ideas. 

Do you want to add bling? We also have textile foil in a glitter version