Logodesign workshop-in-a-box

by ItchBox Studio

120,00 kr 360,00 kr

This is a great "weekend" logodesign workshop that works well for two tweens working together on a café - or a teen who want to  challenge his/hers creative, mind experimenting with handmade logo design.

You will be guided all the way from visualizing an overall concept idea to making a simple product photo-shoot. It is hands-on learn-by-doing. And it is all about making simple shapes and lines work in your own unique logo design and designing a brand. 

You will get a little bit frustrated at times but you will make it and the feeling of "I made this from scratch" is absolutely awesome - we promise you that!

You get:

1 Big project box

Logodesign course booklet

3 different kinds of packaging

2 sheets of sticker

1 of Our favorite Sketch pencil

1 of our favourite black fine liners

1 set of Geometric Clear stamps + stamping block

6 Ink pads in different colors 


On our youtube channel you'll find tutorials  

Play like a pro designer...