by ItchBox Studio

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 Words are like superpowers

Words are like superpowers!


Make your own personal message-cards.


This box is custom made to spread kindness. It is for those days when you want to give an important person a special greeting that suits his or her situation perfectly.


We have made a sheet of word stamps that can be combined to many different friendly messages - and you just have to add imaginative small illustrations that add extra smile power.


Do it your way! Unleash your imagination and combine stamped text, handwritten words, cutouts and your own drawings.


We’ve put the stamp-set in one of Henry's fine handmade boxes so it is extra inspiring to work with.


You get:


1) ItchBox word stamp-sheet.

2) Instructions in English.

3) 1 large stamp block.

 4) 1 black ink color of super fine quality.

 5) 5 double white cards 10 x 10 cm.

 6) 5 fine white envelopes that fit the cards.

All these things turn into cosy creative moments for you and a little more kindness for the people you make cards for. You can make it a quiet time for yourself or invite family and friends to join. It's pretty cool to have conversations about who you think should have some kindness. 

Maybe you haven't come across clear stamps before?

 It is a simple take-off-and-put-on stamp system. You can take the small stamps from the stamp sheet and put on the transparent stamp block  - and in that way build your own stamp. The stamps stick naturally to the stamp block. It is easy to work with and you can place your stamps with great precision because everything is transparent.

Once you have made your stamp, wipe the small stamps with a damp cloth and put it back on the storage sheet. It can be taken on and off again and again. You will find care instructions in the box.

Need More Stamp Colors? More kinds of stamps? or more stamp blocks?