Our fav' precision scissors, 13 cm

by ItchBox Studio

100,00 kr

These small and very sharp scissors are classics from Finland. They are our undisputed favorite for cutting small precision projects.

The scissors measure 13 cm from end to end and fits both right and left hand. A really fine tool with

high quality stainless steel blades, that keeps their sharpness well.

 What makes the scissors so special is that it has a micro facet cut tip that make it easier to see where you are cutting. 

The scissors are suitable for cutting small items in light materials such as fabric, yarn, paper, plastic coated paper and gift wrap.

NOTE: If you want to take good care of your scissors, avoid cutting hard objects such as steel wire, plastic and foil - it will make the scissors blunt.

- and tie a string on them, because theses scissors are the kind your friends will be queuing up to borrow from you! That is our experience. Whenever we use them in workshops and have other kinds of scissors there as well - people will wait their turn for this kind.