Creative Creative stamps

by ItchBox Studio

17,00 kr 35,00 kr

Do you want to make your own cards, invitations, place cards or gift wrap? 

We have designed these small mix and match figure stamps to give an easy-to-start cosy and playful creative stamping activity.  

Whether you want to enjoy time in your own company or with your friends, it's easy to get started - you just have to build your motif with the different stamp elements - and there are plenty of ways you can freestyle and think out of the box.

Have you heard of clear stamps before? Clear-stamps are small stamp figures made of silicone. They are easy to remove from the stamp sheet and put on a transparent stamping block. You build your own stamp as you go. When you have made your stamp om the paper, you just wipe the stamp with a damp cloth and put it back on the stamp sheet.

Because everything is clear/ transparent it is easy to place the stamps exactly where you want it on the paper. 

You find a stamping block here.

NB: This creative activity is well suited to people of all ages, but small children may need some help cleaning the stamps.