Itchman stamp

by ItchBox Studio

30,00 kr 60,00 kr

Itchman is our little mascot - he is the creative itch. You know that itchy feeling when you know you want to create stuff with your hands, you just don't know what yet. It's a happy feeling but also a bit frustrating. 

We have designed him so that you can make him jump, run or whatever you like. Use the body parts to make his moves or draw his arms and legs your way.

Use him for illustrations or 2D animations. Make a card, a drawing, flip-book or an animation with your phone (for instance using the Stopmotion Studio app)

This is what you do: 

1. Take the stamps you need from the Itchman-stamp sheet.

2. Place the stamps on a stamp-block.

3. Pat ink on with a little ink color box.

4. Make a stamp on paper.

Our clear stamps are design by ItchBox Studio (all rights reserved) and made in the UK. It is really easy to build stamps with the clear stamps and easy to make precise stamps because everything I transparent. The stamps can be used again and again just keep them on the the stamp-sheet.

After use you just wipe them clean with a damp cloth or baby wipe. If they need a better cleaning you can carefully wash them in lukewarm water with a bit of dish soap. 

You might need ink-colours and a stamp-block

Or a really good pen.